100% Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Technology at Work For You

Understand the Problem

The first stage of our process is to understand the problems you face and the standards which you must achieve. We work in close partnership with our customers so that their goals become our goals. It is an essential part of our business model that we stay with you for the long term and that requires open discussion, honesty and trust.

Once we understand the problem we then use our significant resources to ensure that we develop a suitable treatment solution which meets all of your compliance, environmental and commercial needs. We have a tremendous range of chemistry which we manufacture and hold in UK stock, we offer equipment upgrades and complete effluent treatment systems.

In short, if it's for waste water treatment-Water Clean supply it.

Industrial Wastewater Solutions

Chemical Treatment
Biological Treatment
pH Control
Fats, Oils, Grease Removal
Polymer Make-Up Units
Water Treatment Plant
Metals Removal
Chemical Dosing Systems
Foam Control
Bulk Chemical Tanks

Wastewater Solutions for your Business

 Implement the Solution

We don't just tell you what to order and let you get on with it. we will make sure that you understand what your problem is and how the solution will resolve the issue. Whether it's new chemistry or a plant installation we will make sure your selected personnel are trained in the use of the equipment and receive certificates for their training record. Support is always available either by phone or site visit-and we really understand your chemical requirements so that when you need vital supplies they are delivered on time, every time. From a drum of antifoam, to a pH probe to a tanker of coagulant-we don't let you down.

Reliable Compliance

"Breaking the terms of your discharge consent is a criminal offence. We deliver Compliance"