Biological Plants

Running a biological effluent treatment plant comes with a complete range of challenges which can change on a daily basis. It is a living system which needs feeding, nurturing, protecting from toxic situations and occasionally nursing back to health. Water Clean has the experience and supplies to make sure you have a healthy reliable treatment plant.

BiOWiSH™ is 100% natural and non-toxic, and is not produced or developed from genetically engineered bacteria. Instead, BiOWiSH™ was developed and refined from naturally occurring microbial strains. A soluble, easily dispersed powder comprising a blended microbial consortia of all-natural, safe bacteria supported with important metabolic co-factors that augment and work with existing micro-flora to facilitate bio-catalytic degradation of waste organic matter and reduce malodour.

In summary, the integration of BiOWiSH™ technology into biological wastewater treatment systems delivers a broad range of benefits:

• Enhances the enzymatic hydrolysis conversion of insoluble waste organic material into more soluble, simpler material forms which are then ultimately oxidized and/or reduced to carbon dioxide, water and nitrogen as measured by reductions in biological oxygen demand (BOD) and suspended solids (TSS).

• Reduces sludge yield lessening system dependence on biomass (activated sludge) to achieve required levels of organic matter degradation

• Reduces nitrogen build-up via de-nitrification

• Reduces or eliminates the emission of noxious malodours, such as hydrogen sulphide and VOC’s by improving oxygen retention in treated waste water which in turn reduces typical malodour causing bacteria build-up.