pH Control & Analysis

We offer a complete range of pH and conductivity electrodes. Measuring and controlling pH in waste water is a hard task at the best of times. When that water contains fats, oils and grease it becomes even harder. A good robust electrode with a flat interface is an important asset in these harsh environments. pH control is the single biggest reason that wastewater treatment plants stop working effectively. Calibration of that electrode is vital-or you will be making decisions on incorrect values.

When you have measured a pH and need to change it then you will need a reliable dosing pump to add acid or alkali accordingly. Again, we supply good quality robust dosing pumps so that your plant performs at its optimum. Connecting a dosing pump to an effluent plant requires high quality chemically compatible tubing-you will find it all readily available from our warehouse in Wrexham.

We also offer a high quality range of autosamplers which are very often required by your water authority to provide reliable accurate samples of your final effluent quality. When you have completed all of your treatment it is a good idea to measure and record your results. Water Clean are an authorised distributor for Hanna Instruments and can supply handheld pH units, pH calibration sachets, COD measurement apparatus and much more.