DuoClean is our flagship coagulant. It is the workhorse which operates around the clock making sure you are compliant. It has a tendency to produce a crystal clear effluent from some of the dirtiest starting points. Renowned within the food industry, where effluents can change on a daily basis, for consistent reliable performance. We have a capacity of 20,000 MT per year available in IBCs and bulk tanker deliveries. Its dual mechanism provides superior emulsion breaking capability and approximately 30% less sludge production than iron based coagulants. It won't let you down.


TanClean offers a 30% reduction in sludge generation compared to traditional metal salts. TanClean is a non toxic low molecular weight cationic coagulant. It can be used in conjunction with aluminium and iron based coagulants as well as all water treatment polymers. It is a very effective emulsion breaker hence is good at separating oil and water emulsions as found in effluents in a number of industries. TanClean is also a chelant and will achieve significantly higher removal rates of mono and bivalent metals than conventional coagulants.

TanClean is particularly effective in treating waste water from pulp and paper, metallurgical, tanneries and food and chemicals industries. It can also be used to increase solids concentrations in mechanical dewatering processes as well as thickening primary sludge in wastewater processes. 

TanClean can also be used in conventional water treatment plants.

Conventional Coagulants and pH Chemicals

Ferric sulphate         Aluminium Sulphate   Polyaluminium Chloride (PAC)
Ferric Chloride         Ferrous Chloride         Aluminium Chloride
Polyamines               Polydadmacs               Inorganic/Organic Blends
Sodium Hydroxide   Hydrochloric Acid       Sulphuric Acid

CleanFloc Polymers

We have a complete range of polymeric flocculants marketed under the CleanFloc brand. We cover all types-powder polymer, emulsion polymer, dewatered polymers and even ready to use polymer solutions.

AlkaBuild-pH Control the safe way!

Handling caustic soda is not pleasant. It carries intrinsic risks due to the aggressive nature of the chemical. Water Clean has the safe alternative answer. If you want lower metal content, superior flocculation, better dewatered sludge, greater biological performance with a nonhazardous product we have that material-AlkaBuild.

MetaClean-metal removal

Sometimes it is difficult to achieve very low levels of metals in water, especially if you have several metals present. pH precipitation is hampered by the fact that they all have minimum solubilities at different pH values. That's where MetaClean comes to the rescue. MetaClean forms very low solubility compounds with all divalent metals.

FoamBloc-foam control

FoamBloc is a complete range of antifoam products designed to treat the vast array of foam problems. Foam is generated in many industries and in many different ways. Foam always causes problems! We have a product to fix the problem so that your effluent plant continues to work correctly.

ScaleAway-scale inhibitor/removal system

ScaleAway is a suite of products which have the potential to stop scale formation when dosed correctly. We also design treatments which can remediate seriously scaled-up pipework-even if the problem is struvite! A small sample, some laboratory time and a ScaleAway solution is yours.

Activated carbons/Ion exchange resins

We have a full range of activated carbons in pellet, granular and powder forms. These can also be supplied with ready to use filter systems from 200 litre disposable units to larger rental vessels. We also offer a complete range of ion exchange resins.

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