Fat Removal

Fats, Oils and Greases (FOGs) are one of the biggest causes of compliance failure. Water authorities have stated this as a major concern for them as they cause asset failure, pumping stations stop working and pipework is reduced to zero bore and zero flow. Water Clean has many answers to this issue.

Water Clean Skimmers

Our skimming system is tried and tested having been produced in the USA for more than 30 years and installed worldwide. They are robust and are designed to run 24 hours per day, all year round. They are designated as V (vertical) and H (horizontal) for use in interceptors and tanks respectively. They can be used on IBCs and small vessels (1H), long tanks, above ground interceptors (5H) and in underground interceptors, wells, balance tanks etc (6V). The unique tube on our skimmers is oleophilic (oil loving). It floats on the surface of your oil/fat laden system and the oil/fat then sticks strongly to the outside surface of the tube. Our tubes are a continuous loop which is drawn to the scraping system of our skimmer. When the tube is scraped clean, the oil/fat is recovered, the tube is returned ready to collect more contaminant. The recovered material is very often a valuable resource and can be turned into biodiesel. 

Water Clean skimmers-turn a contaminant problem into a valuable bottom line addition.

Ask about our test systems.

Oil/Water Separators

Water Clean have a complete range of oil/water separators. Ranging from the very small through to large mobile units Water Clean have your oil/water separator needs covered. We also have a small test unit which we can bring to site and operate to see if your application is suitable for use in an oil/water separators. We also offer chemical enhancement when emulsions have been formed, ironically often as a result of a good cleaning programme.

FatMaster System

If you don’t have any water treatment facility, interceptor or your interceptor is swamped with FOGs-you may wish to consider our FatMaster system. Installed above ground it is either a single tank or a series of tanks (depending on volumes) which has an externally mounted 5V skimmer unit servicing one or all of the FatMaster units. The contaminated water is passed through the FatMaster allowing a retention to provide time for the FOG to separate and float. Emulsions can often be broken if they are causing a passing problem to your interceptor or FatMaster. The floating FOG is removed from the system and collected in an external container ensuring that the FatMaster is kept in peak condition for trapping further FOGs. In multiple unit FatMasters the skimmer is mounted on a rail allowing one 5H skimmer to keep all units clean, helping with compliant discharge.