Dewatering Screw Press

Low energy, Low noise, Low water content

With its superior performance, the Water Clean Dehydrator is suitable for many industries, reducing the overall cost of sludge disposal. 

Type of Industry:
Food Processing Plant: Dairy, Soft Drinks, Distillery, Brewery, Sauce, Confectionery, Bread, Meat, Fish, Seasoning, Flour, Frozen Food, Sausage, Ready Meals, Cooking Oil  
Chemical Plant: Chemical, Cosmetic, Textile, Paint, Adhesive, Cleaner, Cast Metal, Pharmaceutical 
Manufacturing Plant: Automobile, Vehicle Parts, Electronic 
Municipal Applications: Sewage, Septic Tank, Food Waste  
Other Applications: Agriculture, Livestock Farm, Petroleum, Paper Making, Slaughterhouse, Leather Making, Mining, Civil Engineering

Type of Sludge:
Waste Activated Sludge: Sequencing Batch Reactor, Extended Aeration, Oxidation Ditch 
DAF Sludge: Dissolved Air Flotation 
Chemical Sludge: Chemical Precipitation 
Digested Sludge: Anaerobic Digestion, Aerobic Digestion 
Raw Sludge

Flocculator, control panel and dewatering screw press