Sentry™-On Guard 24 Hours per Day

Sentry™ is a powdered pH control system which looks after your activated sludge plant on a continuous basis. It is simply added "over the top" into any stirred system and will stay on guard waiting for any acid attacks/shocks which may come down to your effluent plant. It is an inert material which will stay in your system-until acid appears. Instantly, Sentry™ will neutralise the acid attack rendering it harmless to your plants efficiency.

Now that is a valuable ally to have on your side-but it doesn't end there. If you are operating an ammonia removal system (nitrification-denitrification) then Sentry™ really comes into its own! It is a readily available source of the type of alkalinity which is absolutely essential to a successful ammonia removal system.

One of our customers was regularly having to dispose of 160 ppm ammonia and could not use its discharge license to river. The key bacteria involved in this process are nitrosomonas and nitrobacter. They have a very specific pH requirement of:

Nitrosomonas pH 6.0-9.0

Nitrobacter pH 7.3-7.5

Sentry™ will make sure your bacteria are guarded and as healthy as can be.

Since installing Sentry™ their ammonia levels have reduced to between 0 and 3 ppm-every day, without fail. The comments from the site were 

Manager "Best product we have ever seen for ammonia removal efficiency"

Operator "I am getting bored writing down zeros"

So if you want to look after your nitrosomonas and nitrobacters-give them what they are looking for-Sentry™. It can help you with your ammonia reduction and compliance goals.