Fats, Oils & Grease

Oil Skimming. It is Big and it is Clever!

Need to get fats, oil and grease (FOG) levels down in your effluent? Only got an interceptor for treatment and finding it expensive to keep it maintained? The fat/oil skimmer could be just right for your site. Often we can turn an expense into a revenue stream as we can obtain a sale for your contaminant through the route of biodiesel production. So you can be green and profitable.

STOP PRESS-Demonstration rig available to prove YOUR application.

Sometimes you may find that you have a problem which cannot be solved because your effluent manifests itself as an emulsion. We break emulsions for breakfast (I know porridge might be healthier but it comes with the territory!)

Once an emulsion is successfully broken then our oil skimmer will do it's job and pick the oil off the surface and deposit it in the container of your choice.

For most oils and fats we can assist in the disposal of these "wastes" and help them back into the recycling chain via our biodiesel partners. That way you stop a waste product from entering your sewer system, reduce your COD value in the Mogden formula, reduce your company water bill and save the planet. Now, whose looking smug?