Odour Control

Hydrogen sulphide molecule

SulphoClean II

SulphoClean II is a unique chemical designed specifically to deal with the problems of odour and septicity caused by hydrogen sulphide and other sulphides in sewage and industrial effluent applications.

SulphoClean II can be used in interceptors, lift stations, sewage collection systems, wet wells and in wastewater treatment plants.

SulphoClean II is introduced into the area requiring treatment by dosing pump which is set to the required level depending on the size and nature of the problem. Odour reduction will be noticeable immediately and septicity will be eliminated in downstream pipework. Providing dosing is maintained SulphoClean II will continue to provide a high level of odour reduction and protection.



à SulphoClean II is a bi-modal chemistry

à Existing sulphides are removed from solution immediately dosing starts

à Downstream flows are conditioned so that septicity does not occur

à Health and safety improved by removal of hydrogen sulphide risk

à Risk to assets is reduced by elimination of sulphuric acid formation

à Local residents and businesses do not experience foul odours-and so don’t need to ring and complain!



The dosage varies according to the average daily flow expressed in cubic meters and the loading in the water.

The seeding dosage is the starting dosage to be applied at the beginning of the treatment.

Your Water Clean representative will advise of a suitable dosing regime for your specific application.


Form : Dense liquid

Colour : Brown

pH : Typically 1

Density : 1.4 g/cm3


SulphoClean II is supplied in 1000 litre IBC containers and bulk tanker.