Natural Coagulant


Polymerised Quarternary ammonium tannate

Appearance  Dark brown liquid

Charge          Cationic

Odour             Slight odour

Total Solids   15-30%

Density           1.02-1.10 g/cm3

pH                    2.0-3.0


TanClean™ is a non toxic low molecular weight cationic coagulant. It can be used in conjunction with aluminium

and iron based coagulants as well as all water treatment polymers. It is a very effective emulsion breaker

hence is good at separating oil and water emulsions as found in effluents in a number of industries. TanClean™  is

also a chelant and will achieve significantly higher removal rates of mono and bivalent metals than

conventional coagulants.

TanClean™ is particularly effective in treating waste water from pulp and paper, metallurgical, tanneries and food

and chemicals industries. It can also be used to increase solids concentration in mechanical dewatering

processes as well as thickening primary sludge in wastewater processes.

TanClean™ can also be used in conventional water treatment plants.

Preparation and Dosing

TanClean™ is available in a range of concentrations and can be diluted down to 1% concentration for dosing.

However diluting the stock solution is dependent on the plant flow rate. If the product is to be diluted it

should be mixed rapidly with water on injection into the flow.When the TanClean™ is introduced into the main

flow it should be in an area of high mixing as per conventional coagulants.